Dig into summer.....

Summer is here...

We have been super grateful this year, In mid May we travelled to Palm Springs for a Creatives retreat.  An earIy glimpse of the amazing weather summer brings to us here in Canada. 32-40 deg daily!!!

I met some of my industry mentors and was surrounded by some of the most amazing botanical plants I have ever seen!!



Everyday we would be welcomed with oranges and a gorgeous breakfast, afternoons were filled with swimming and sweet moroccan tea in the lobby


We stayed at the amazing Korakia Pensione and I have to admit I was quite mesmerized by the surroundings and amazing Moroccan / Mediterranean vibe it is famous for.

The entire retreat reminded me to stop, slow down and make time to take in the life's important moments, the beauty that surrounds us and be grateful for our daily blessings of family, health, friends and creative inspiration.

So hop into a hammock this summer and just watch the trees, soak up the sun and appreciate some down time!!! It is so worth it!!


Of course I was inspired to bring in some Cactus after travelling to California....

So pop by the shop and check them out!

Wedding season has begun and we are busy little bees, here is me on an install last Saturday at the Beautiful Hockley Valley Resort.

We will be slowing down retail in the months of July and August to focus on events / family.  Watch for updated hours...posting July 1st

 One more thing this little beauty is from our Seasons Garden..

soooo gorgeous!!.things we are trying this year...

Poppies, cosoms, Chocolate lace, Amaranthus, kale and Aster... I will Keep you posted on results!!! **Seeds purchased from Stemsflowerfarm.ca   so close in Cookstown ontario, be sure to visit website ...Amazing!!


*photo Credit Ashley Swatelle


Until next time, enjoy summer, Have a Backyard BBQ and take time to relax. 

See you soon,

Darlene @ Seasons















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